Friday, October 3, 2008

Trash/Treasure: Exhibition Opening

List of Images:

a. series: "Ewig flüchtig, immer da" (Forever on the run, still always there).

b. Bea of Trash/Treasure standing before "Ewig flüchtig, immer da" (detail above)

c. series: "Eine Spur außerirdisch" (A trace of space), medium: Oil, alkyd, glue, structure paste, SEMs of cosmic dust on wood

d. Ina of Trash/Treasure describing creative process

e. "Some like it in Ink", medium: 6 graphics, 10 cm x 10 cm each, in a wooden box of 40 cm x 15 cm, (T.T. edition 2006) Nr. 5/10

f. Ina and gallery visitors viewing the Rorschach series.

g. Artists Bea and Ina (aka Trash/Treasure) with Dalia Danon, owner/curator of D.S. Danon Gallery

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