Thursday, October 23, 2008

בלו-סימיון פיינרו

אנו שמחים להזמינכם לפתיחת תערוכתו של
בלו-סימיון פיינרו - עשן ואפר
יום שישי, 14.11.08 בשעה 12:00

SMOKE AND ASHES 14/11/08 – 23/12/08
Opening: Friday at noon

The installation "Smoke and Ashes" is a tribute to the poem "The Death Fugue" written by the Jewish Romanian poet, Paul Celan in 1947. Fainaru's installation is the core of the exhibition ''Smoke and Ashes'' in Danon Gallery. The exhibition deals with the concept of memory, the absence and loss after the holocaust – the extinction. Fainaru dealt with this theme in previous works which he exhibited in Bar David Museum and in Lehmbruck Museum in Germany.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Trash/Treasure: Exhibition Opening

List of Images:

a. series: "Ewig flüchtig, immer da" (Forever on the run, still always there).

b. Bea of Trash/Treasure standing before "Ewig flüchtig, immer da" (detail above)

c. series: "Eine Spur außerirdisch" (A trace of space), medium: Oil, alkyd, glue, structure paste, SEMs of cosmic dust on wood

d. Ina of Trash/Treasure describing creative process

e. "Some like it in Ink", medium: 6 graphics, 10 cm x 10 cm each, in a wooden box of 40 cm x 15 cm, (T.T. edition 2006) Nr. 5/10

f. Ina and gallery visitors viewing the Rorschach series.

g. Artists Bea and Ina (aka Trash/Treasure) with Dalia Danon, owner/curator of D.S. Danon Gallery