Tuesday, September 23, 2008

MOP ART: Trash/Treasure

Trash/Treasure Mop Art

אינה .T & ביאה T; קולון, גרמניה
פתיחה: 3.10.2008 בשעה 12:00
נעילה: 5.11.2008

Opening: Friday 3.10.08 at noon
Closing: Wednesday 6.11.08

(written by artists)
Trash/Treasure, born on the A2 in September 1993, is a conversation between Bea T., study of sociology, political science, German, philosophy, doctorate degree in 1993 and Ina T., study of art and design at the Bezalel Academy of Art (Jerusalem), exhibitions in Museums and galleries in Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Netherlands, Iceland, Japan, Serbia, Turkey

Trash/Treasure is based in Cologne, Germany.

Trash/Treasure has been using dust since 1997. The first work based on that material, a series of three objects titled Verkehrte Ordnung (Topsy-Turvy), brought to light items ordinarily banished to the darkness of the vacuum cleaner bag. The act of inversion, unspectacular in itself, was more than inspiring and the artists couldn’t get rid from obsession with dust. Since 1999 Mop Art is the main focus of the work of Trash/Treasure.

Dealing with dust (as theme and material) Trash/Treasure co-operates with Research Institutions worldwide, especially with NASA. Mop Art consistently draws on the sciences, which also have strong interest in dust, as a key to our past. The scientists already reach for the stars to gather information about our (planetary) history from dust that is millions of years old and unsullied by the human race. Mop Art is inspired by sciences, though not instructed by them.

Mop Art associates with dust – like Hollywood once did - topoi like adventure, treasure hunting, mystery, luck. It expresses the magic of dust and opens the sluices to a universe, whose elusiveness increases in direct proportion to our knowledge of it.

The exhibition in Tel Aviv will focus on two major series of works. On the one hand there is photography and digital painting, that bring dramatic, dynamic, beautiful, mysterious and dangerous aspects of the world of dust to appear. That's one side of the exhibition. On the other hand there is the series of graphic work Rorschach ohne Tinte (Rorschach without ink). For those works the artists searched the floor in their studio for unique fluffs; fluffs looking like a dancer, a bird, a car … This extraordinary fluffs were scanned and mirrored. The picture, that reminds of Rorschach test, is a source of inspiration, interpretation, fantasy - and also of communication. The exhibition will be completed by objects to change the routine of daily life, like the T.T. Dust trap or the Gewicht der Zeit (Weight of Time), that finds its logical continuation in FiX, the ufo with 2 hours of time in it.

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