Thursday, August 28, 2008

Leonardo Voci, Israel 2008

The Works of Leonardo Voci

Givatayim Theatre, lower gallery
Opening: August 28th, 7:00 PM
Closing: September 20th, 5:oo PM

Curators: Doron Polak, Dalia Danon
Events Coordinator: Oren Freidman
text: Roshni Sharma

Givatayim Theatre in collaboration with D.S. Danon Gallery is pleased to present the works of Albanian artist Leonardo Voci. Lauded for his creative extravagance in both his native Albania and Germany, Voci has been termed "The Prince of Color."

"A good artist cannot be complete without understanding of and dedication to all branches of art: opera, classical music, theatre and drama, film and cinematography, philosophy, psychology, poetry. To bring all of this together requires a great deal of energy; to be extravagant." -- Leonardo Voci.

Born in Shkodra, Albania, Leonardo Voci received a formal education at the University of Tirana. He continued his fine arts education in Italy under the creative direction of Lin Delia and in Germany with Professor Gielosh Giokai.

Leonardo Voci's works are unconstrained and his exhibitions celebratory. Voci maintains a light, flexible approach to gallery installation and has, on past occasions, asked the viewer to figuratively tuck into a "feast" of art. He is interested in the vitality of an artistic piece and its relationship to the viewer. The primary example being an exhibition of unframed paintings spread out like a holiday meal inviting, tantalizing and ready for consumption.

Leonardo Voci paints in mixed mediums – oil, acrylic, gouache – on experimental and variegated surfaces. His work explores the space between color and method that can alternatively be extravagant and simple, the robust application of pigment and the grace of a line. These vibrant works on paper, wood, tile and canvas often stun the viewer with their colorful beauty before form or subject emerges.

"His simplistic and exaggerated rendering of the human form, primarily the female human form, exemplify a very charming sense of humor and sarcasm," (Adam Gede, William Patterson University, 30 September 2005).

Leonardo Voci's Israeli debut will be held in the lower gallery of Givatayim Theatre on Thursday, 28th of August.

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